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A mae sold me a pretty, though very small, pair of earrings for 2000 C this morning. I paid 2100 C for a 4-hour bus ride from San Jose to La Fortuna. I feel kinda swindled.

Costa Rica

Often I want to persist a small thought or observation, and I can't figure out a central place to write it. Used paper sheets, the back of useless bills, and napkins help out, but it becomes harder to take care of them as the amount grows larger and larger. I've tried notebooks, but the tiny thoughts intersperse with the longer thoughts, drawings, charts, and useful annotations like telephone numbers, and then are also harder to find. Thus, I made this blog just for tiny thoughts.
First thought right here:
I'm going to Costa Rica today. (YAY YAY WHOOPIE YAY!!!! :D :D) Going through Facebook to post a greeting on my Tican host's profile, I notice I have 441=21^2 friends. Soon after, I notice that Khris has 484=22^2. Huh.