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Mi vida

(Written long ago, c. 2006-2007)
Mi vida - mi regalo, mi jaula, mi mundo.

Gallos en la madrugada

(Aparentemente, escrito el 25 de julio del 2007)

Todos los animales - pájaros, gallos, perros, se levantan y gritan en la madrugada... están felices por la aproximación del nuevo dÌa. Si las personas nos levantáramos con tal ánimo como para gritar junto con los gallos en la madrugada, qué mundo tan diferente sería éste.


(Written on March 31, 2011, 19:31)

prayers like affirmations
praise is good because it gives the correct attitude (being enveloped in a world in which one is privileged to be ABLE to praise)

Linear text

(Written in Pittsburgh, c. 2012?)

Extend past linear text


(Written c. December 12, 2012, 07:30)

If we think of a computer as simply a magical metal box it is maybe the same as considering our bodies as simply a conglomerate of skin, bones, and meat.


(Written on March 24th, 2013)

I grasped at it like the last piece of wood in the sea,
but I had not realized that I was buoyant myself.

Gmail's Fate

(Written years ago, perhaps even before Pittsburgh)

GMail will disappear in 2023.


(Written sometime in Pittsburgh, probably in early 2012)

Simultaneous neural pathways.
Of them be aware, and learn to discern and prune.

2^n by hand

(Calculated in high school, typed up in October 22nd, 2006)

325 - 68351585149469122636640694597425667667286544715412888638305245550965111224980497600734786781970432

360 - 2348628482119753227889480596789337027375682548908319870707288020053157231586349883463698998384768903031934976


(Written c. June 12, 2006)

The body of a woman is so very appealing. What's more appealing? The image of the body itself, the afterthoughts of pleasure it provokes, or the forbidden, taboo tag stamped all over it?


(Written years ago in Pittsburgh)

One cannot learn the unobserved.


(Written years ago in Pittsburgh on a piece of paper, but typed until March 9th, 2013)

I reject pre-determined success and failure. Pre-packaged. Stale.

Silent comparison

(Written in Apr 3rd, 2011)

People think they know more than others, or less than others. In the former case, they silence in contempt, in the latter case in shame. Modern conglomerated society.