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Research is tedious.

Writing in LaTeX is boring, tedious, and requires a great deal of unnecessary work.
Research software is faulty, badly-designed, rarely well-documented if at all, and non-standard.
I despise spending 90% of my time tackling ridiculously intranscendent issues. I hate not finding the time to improve upon such small issues that would make such a great improvement for researchers in general.

I hate the attitude of researchers who have accepted that these tools are the standard way to go about it, and do nothing to improve their situation, and just grunge their way through years and years of tedious-and-worthless effort, interleaved between huge gaps of naturally-induced-procrastination, an amount of sleep almost minimally required to survive and appear healthy, and whatever specks of time remain used on sloppily-focused, bursty grasps at what might turn out to be useful. I hate it.

That is why research, in the version I have observed and experienced it, sucks.