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Are simultaneous events independent of each other given the actual state of the world? If they are, then we are indeed only members of the world. If they are not, then we are integrated into it.


We find someone to merge with and reinforce, to jot change endlessly, but to converge into compatible structures that reinforce each other, much like the hubs and authorities of Larry & Sergey's Pagerank algorithm. Support, to have something to act upon, to stop exploring endlessly and morphing over and over. To explore, suffer changes through mutual adjustments, disagreements, iterations,...
to converge upon a structure that supports itself, that iterates upon its two halves to grow and learn in a rooted fashion.

Context Momentum

Term:A variable related to multi-tasking: the asset of being actively involved in a particular context (conversation, project, or other activity), which often enhances one's effectiveness at this activity.An often-ignored concept regarding one's current involvement.The combination of factors that allow an activity to be considered "on-going", most often preceded by an overhead readying process.A resource found in "active" states, most commonly used to refer to the psychological set of factors that allow a person to do what he is doing as he does.