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Statistics rarely makes me think of sex, and then I calculate standard deviations in MATLAB.


Motivation is fueled by need.

The color of time

minutes are blue.
seconds are yellow.
hours are red.

Training tip on Neural Networks

(c. early 2013)

Iteratively put more detail when training:
Represent a low approximation, and train.
Given the best solution there, now approximate the function with a bit more detail, and repeat, starting at the point of the best solution given in the last iteration.


I'm the stupid monkey with his hand trapped through the hole, unwilling to unfist the piece of fruit.


Time wastes away in ardent frustration, akin to rules of the useless, wondering if following unbelieved rules is worth sacrificing potential passion.
(Written sometime in Fall 2012)


The right to change is perennial.


When one addresses a crowd successfully, one is likely attending oneself foremost, as it is probably hard to attend everyone being addressed to. One is speaking one's own truth, and the manner in which the receptors take it is left to the receptors' choice.

Addressing a single person successfully, however, can be made attending either oneself's or the other's needs. Focusing one's entire attention on a person can make them feel listened to, attended, important. This is my experience.

Assumed identities

Too many, so many assumed identities.