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so ("so cute")
too ("too high")
enough ("enough sleep")
need ("need food")
A target threshold - a quantity or state - is required for expressions with either of these words to be well-defined.


Path is determined stream of moments, events, steps, co-occurrent instances of something. And they serve to reach a place, a goal, a state, quickly and reliably. State-arrivers.

Paths are learned during growth, societal adoption. Communication, clothing, skills, usage of body.

Societal paths are sparse. Space of possibility is ample. To savor it, explore.


Awareness begets Intention.
Intention is Life.
Experience is Learning.
Intent experience is guided Learning.
Justifications made out of smoke.
Every act is a choice.
Conditioning is congealed choice.
Intercongealed concepts may obstruct Flow.