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In this world, there is nothing forever hidden. Everything exists, affects, sprouts, influences, creates, expands. Every single molecule is. Every single person is. And we do our best. What else? If it weren't our best, we wouldn't choose it.
~Oct 16, 2011


People hang on to others desperately, they communicate with them, seek them out, attempting to find in them some comparison, some approval, some judgement, some reference, because often they are scared to give these to themselves. Or have simply entirely forgotten. Likely both.
So much energy wasted socially. Trying to impress, to stand out, to be noticed.

Praise of the Self

Our bodies are such subtle actors
Our minds, unharnessed crafters of the abstract
Our hearts, engines that turn emotions into willpower
And other parts of us, that I don't know to describe, sublime and miraculous, like currents of air throughout it all whose nature is to keep balance between the parts.