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Mapping Wills

Those who seek to live find themselves honored, or recognized.
Those who seek to be forgotten find themselves living.
Those who seek honor and recognition find themselves forgotten.
And it doesn't work to change what one "wants" to obtain one's true desires, for the will is not an independent variable, as much as we might define it so in a mathematical construct.


Sex should be a verb.
I sex. You sex. Good sexing there. Where you've been? I've been sexing all weekend. It's not that hard, right?

Conformist disease

People are scared to be amazed these days. They're afraid to show amazement at something, let the people around notice, and realize that what to him is a wonder, is to another a bore, not worth noticing, or that he could explain the wonder so obviously, or so condescendingly as to imply one's wonder as tedious, irksome, and to be considered ignorant or naive. A common fear today. A disease.

Wonder is looked down upon, while knowledge is revered. But they need not be mutually exclusive. The former stimulates the latter, and it is only too common for people to acquire some knowledge and then to stop wondering, satisfied that what they know is enough for their lives, and everything else is, as far as they are concerned, superfluous. They close their minds to wonder to be like others, to avoid the risk of condescension by others. To conform. Ugh.

Dances with Wolves

In a place where names have no meaning. We people are standard entities with a silly identifier, no better than a plain integer, that means nothing except what you tie to it yourself. There is no express name that allows us to identify or describe ourselves. Dances with Wolves feels so much better.


The lamentation of ultra-specialized society is meaninglessness. That of one that mandates its individuals is disinterest. And though individuals are able to find meaning in the lamest of causes, the frivolity of these allows knowing and selfish people to mold these sources of interest in order to sway the masses.

Letter removal

I just remembered that when I was a kid, I realized that removing the "i" in my diminutive nickname, "Tonito", resulted in "Tonto". I think I told my cousin and he made nothing out of it, and I was too ashamed to tell anyone else.