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Space and Drive

There is what one can and what one wants. One is the space, the other serves as the drive. But sometimes the want, like horses pulling your carriage, can........... run out of control. An inner, guiding principle, or a destination, can then provide the will and temperance to retake control.

No words

No words
but heart aches and tongue shakes with anticipation of saying what has no words.
Plans cross paths meet times shared dreams shared joy scattered in fast memories and yet long rich with chance and adventure A bright gem of experience belongs not to one but to both inseparable inextricable We fuse in time indelible.
Then time shifts the fork in the road nears and joy slopes into longing the future longing of the bright past inevitable

Here in Tibet

Flies deliberately dance with each other, they interact, stop and observe, and act again, with strong intention.

The sky is brighter and bluer than anywhere else I've seen.
Flowers bloom at over 3.3km of altitude.
People are truthful and forthcoming.
Tsampa has a most amazing consistency.
Ravens have yellow beaks.
One species of bird flies over the flat grasslands, hovers, flaps its wings, and chirps ultra-excitedly and continuously, announcing its excitement to everyone else in the grassland. Seems crazy, and is amazing.
Sunset begins with a white pure light, and paints a beautiful journey of colors and angles with the horizon clouds through creamy white, creamy yellow, denser yellow, light orange, heavy orange, and finally grey.