Such Tessellation


yearning to fulfill
that without boundaries


Soft centripetal


Bei Mehrdeutigkeit vertrauen


Gratitude as Flow allowed


Cradled in stuff


Trennung erfordert Energie






Feel glide tensions



Jede Bewegung bewegt alles.


The moon glances at me tonight, with a cheeky shine.
"You're still here", she says.
Thank you, moon :)


Light to space as words to experience.




Wind dances, and all within.


Joy in reflection


Trust smooths Flow


Dance practices Flow.


Canvas of ether



Song finds expression through body.


The fallacy is that the song ends, ever


One keeps what one feels one is not done with.


Clouds clothe mountain tops.

Social Friction

At my Adobe internship, my desk is located on the Southeast corner of the third floor, as shown on this floor sketch:
*(which was never drawn)*. During the day, I take occasional journeys to the...
*(5 years later)*...snack bar, where I get coffee, water, and snacks. On my way back, I've found two competing alternative paths. One is composed of four straight segments connected by straight angles, simple and shorter. The other one traverses ~ten smaller such segments, and makes its way through a simple maze of cubicles that one feels is not the shorter path Yet I tend to prefer the second path. Why? Because the first one, on its last segment, walks right past 10 other interns in the same research area as me, and we tend to exchange awkward and forces smiles that I feel I'm pushing through as I walk there. I feel it takes more energy for me to walk that path than to walk a slightly longer distance and turn on my path left and right in an arbitrary sequence.This leads me to state th…

Ashtanga Yoga Sequence

1. Stand, inhale & rise hands, exhale & hands down to chest.
2. 5 consecutive vinyasa sequences, each ending in standing hands to chest.
3. 5 consecutive vinyasa sequences, each ending in chair pose.
4. vinyasa sequence, ending in left/right leg to the front, warrior 1 pose.
5a. stand feet touching, lower, grab toes. go downwards, bend elbows.
5b. stand feet touching, lower, grab bottom of feet. go downwards, bend elbows.
6a. Triangle. right leg to the side, front foot forwards, back foot mostly forward. Extend arms, lower towards front, reaching out and down.
6b. Turn and repeat with other side.
7a. Twisted triangle. Right leg front, same position. Extend arms, front arm to the back, other arm up, then lower body along with arm, inside/outside legs. Other arm extends up, and twist the body in that direction.
7b. Turn and repeat with other side.
8a. Feet as in warrior 2. Front elbow rests on front knee, back arm extends, makes straight line together with back leg. Option to l…


We reflect, then we observe.


Streams of Eternity pour unto Now.




Glean softly


so ("so cute")
too ("too high")
enough ("enough sleep")
need ("need food")
A target threshold - a quantity or state - is required for expressions with either of these words to be well-defined.


Dance Life


Cosmic sand


Dragged by own momentum.


Beauty is the Observer's.


...too often have I found myself bound by the subtle chains of morality...


Being with you is like having a microdose of acid all the time.


Does the tree count the hours of sunlight it receives?


What Would Stan Say?

Music Malleates

Piano music feels like water, waving, streaming, and soothing. When soft, it touches and envelops the sensations and the soul. When strong, it shows itself as a wave washing it with a smooth force. A staccato feels like little bursts rising from the surface. A legato feels like ripples upon the surface dancing to their own spirit. In general, piano music slides on the skin and leaves fading traces of resonance where it has touched. It caresses and envelops, it rides the listener in waves.

Violin music feels like a wooden dagger. A single note can already stab the emotions deep. It does not harm; it penetrates. It opens new channels among the unexplored, letting air and sunshine breathe into them. It pierces crusts into the sensitive emotions long ignored and/or forgotten, and helps one feel what is there. Like a toothpick piercing play dough, it finds the colors hidden inside and allows them to be felt by the light surface again. It helps us remember we can reshape ourselves, our int…


Many moments I feel there's no one around to share with, and I feel lonely. I forget how rich my world is. This night, I will share with you: Moon. Air. Trees. Breath.


Lovely discomfort.


I see you as a person, no longer as an object of desire.


Lilt of the Forest.
Lilt of Life.


Why weep when we wane?
Waves wash wilts well, while will whispers wishes within world.



We gotta be. There's no way around it. Buy while we're at it, we might as well give it our All.


Qué cacofonía.


Ambiguity and lackluster purposes are time-tested legacies that people continue to perpetuate.


Do you like Time?


En este mundo, entre bombas gigantescas, destrucción errática, buses citadinos regulares, restricciones veneradas, perspectivas inigualables, margaritas delicadas, esporas felices, ocio inexhaustible, economías fluctuantes, matemáticas inmutables, confusiones frívolas, sentimientos bioquímicos, magias intangibles, fervores colectivos, altruismos artificiales, glorias nocivas, pulsaciones ultradimensionales, vastedades desconocidas, sutilezas inefables, temores secretos, gobiernos pendulares, tiempo inexorable, propósitos efímeros, esencias de jojoba, sinfonías simultáneas, silencios apurados, gigantes esferas gráciles, bellezas desintentadas, orificios geográficos, naturalezas regulares, balances invisibles, crecimientos exponenciales, homomorfismos infinitos, paradojas verdaderas, decisiones continuas, restricciones auto-impuestas, estereotipos acertados, suposiciones obsoletas, lógica persistente, logística inevitable, esfuerzos absolutos, menguas constantes, búsquedas ortogonales, …


Yo he.


Emotionally sequestered.


Only a mind can hold an idea.


El tiempo muerto mata.

Empirical Identity

Google is as Google does.


My body feels damp with self-control.


The ununderstood dismissed as chaos.


La saeta veloz sólo ve en una dirección.


Emotionally retarded.
One day I realized it.
Been trying to catch up since.


Words are not of the essence.
When they try to capture essence,
they fail.
All essence is ephemeral,
and words describe states,
in which no essence can reside.

But they can make good signposts.


Perennially lost child.


To the anxious, thirsty heart,
sleep is a needless distraction.
Insomniac, it languishes in desperate inaction,
gasps alone for connection,
and sorely misses its powerful will to act.


Congealed loneliness is easily ignored.
But when it is noticed, it sticks around the heart like amber on an insect.


Hay más tipos de tipos que posibles tipos que tipeados.


Je te chalois.


I seek chalance.


Un estanque en paz no satisface al pez anhelante.


Quiero dormirme entre pestañazos de nuestras conversaciones, ojo a ojo, boca a boca.


¿Cómo puede faltarme y sobrarme al mismo tiempo?


Enjoy the flux around you.
Melt into it if you will.
Yet keep the feel and know of
Your Own Flow.


Absence exists.


Slurring, dripping, sluggish, congealed, indifferent productivity.


"How about we get a nice XKCD... thing" (as a proposal to decorate the cube space wall).... :-/


I find the meanings of "querer" and "desear" too lacking in their "intentfulness", and too attached to "desire" to emphasize on their "volition". And "intentar" has too tentative a connotation. Hence, I propose:

Intender: v. El acto de decidir y/o iniciar alguna acción.
Tiempos simples (Presente/Pasado/Futuro):[Yo] intiendo/intendí/intenderé.[Tú] intiendes/intendiste/intenderás.[Él] intiende/intendió/intenderá.[Ella] intiende/intendió/intenderá.[Eso] intiende/intendió/intenderá.[Usted] intiende/intendió/intenderá.[Ellos] intienden/intendieron/intenderán.[Ellas] intienden/intendieron/intenderán.[Nosotros] intendemos/intendimos/intenderemos.[Vosotros] intendéis/intendisteis/intendiréis.Pretérito imperfecto (En esos tiempos que...)[Yo/Él/Ella/Eso/Usted] intendía.[Tú] intendías.[Ellos/Ellas] intendían.[Nosotros] intendíamos.[Vosotros] intendíais.Subjuntivo presente (Es posible que...):[Yo/Él/Ella/Eso/Usted] intienda.[Tú] intiendas…


Fickle chaos.


I suspect strong discoverers and achievers often underestimate human apathy.


Thoughts of one next to death,
Power of a windstorm,
Drive of a floating leaf.
A stray hunter who forgot his prey.
Thus I feel.


Idle hope stagnates.


I just realized why I prefer being busy so much. It distracts me from the dark, sad, empty part of me that has been tired with life since long ago.


Subtile Meinungsgeister.


Truth has no opposite.


Alluring rhythms, seductive imagery keep me awake.


Y el constante viento del ocaso elucida mi ser.

Regret 2

Regret not, for it serves naught.


...though they need not conflict.


Beauty is a right of the living, a privilege of the conscious, and a duty to our own happiness. And being beautiful is being our utmost best. And our best is defined, created, discovered even, by each of us. And the fact that we can decide how and when to apply our intentions of beauty is a wonderful and lovely truth.


It just dawned on me that I'm only a player in a game of role - surrounded by other players, and, well... just moving ahead and living it up! So much to do, so much color!
We are such funny dolls, walking around like we're so important :)


The sea just ondulates... up and down, up and down. It vibrates calmly, pacedly, like a sinuous, seemingly chaotic 2D function gently waving itself back and forth, back and forth, up and down, up and down. Its crashes on the beach are just its effect at the boundaries. Like DCT. One of Earth's principal vibrations, or signals, it'd seem. What to learn from it?

Mi vida

(Written long ago, c. 2006-2007)
Mi vida - mi regalo, mi jaula, mi mundo.

Gallos en la madrugada

(Aparentemente, escrito el 25 de julio del 2007)

Todos los animales - pájaros, gallos, perros, se levantan y gritan en la madrugada... están felices por la aproximación del nuevo dÌa. Si las personas nos levantáramos con tal ánimo como para gritar junto con los gallos en la madrugada, qué mundo tan diferente sería éste.


(Written on March 31, 2011, 19:31)

prayers like affirmations
praise is good because it gives the correct attitude (being enveloped in a world in which one is privileged to be ABLE to praise)

Linear text

(Written in Pittsburgh, c. 2012?)

Extend past linear text


(Written c. December 12, 2012, 07:30)

If we think of a computer as simply a magical metal box it is maybe the same as considering our bodies as simply a conglomerate of skin, bones, and meat.


(Written on March 24th, 2013)

I grasped at it like the last piece of wood in the sea,
but I had not realized that I was buoyant myself.

Gmail's Fate

(Written years ago, perhaps even before Pittsburgh)

GMail will disappear in 2023.


(Written sometime in Pittsburgh, probably in early 2012)

Simultaneous neural pathways.
Of them be aware, and learn to discern and prune.

2^n by hand

(Calculated in high school, typed up in October 22nd, 2006)

325 - 68351585149469122636640694597425667667286544715412888638305245550965111224980497600734786781970432

360 - 2348628482119753227889480596789337027375682548908319870707288020053157231586349883463698998384768903031934976


(Written c. June 12, 2006)

The body of a woman is so very appealing. What's more appealing? The image of the body itself, the afterthoughts of pleasure it provokes, or the forbidden, taboo tag stamped all over it?


(Written years ago in Pittsburgh)

One cannot learn the unobserved.


(Written years ago in Pittsburgh on a piece of paper, but typed until March 9th, 2013)

I reject pre-determined success and failure. Pre-packaged. Stale.

Silent comparison

(Written in Apr 3rd, 2011)

People think they know more than others, or less than others. In the former case, they silence in contempt, in the latter case in shame. Modern conglomerated society.


fly flow flew


es todouna ficcion. mi vida es toda una ficcion. En cada punto pienso y vienen otros pensamientos, distintos, incompatibles con antes. Pero nuevos, y mi ficcion de ahora shines con pasion y voluntad.

Pero es una ficcion. Y reconocerlo me ayuda a ver que
que todo esta bien
que todo lo que hago esta bien. Me merezco actuar con decision y voluntad, y agradezco a mi corazon que me ha dilucidado este secreto precioso.


Bold. Be bold. Be of bold spirit and strong heart, and pure mind.
(Nov 2013)


I'm used to scratching the bottom of the barrel. I enjoy it, and make myself enjoy it, by telling myself I'm part of the minority, and that just filling up the barrel is 1) wasteful, 2) not much of a challenge. And I just think... then what's the big barrel for?


The exotic does not always bring excitement,
nor routine boredom.


(Written sometime in Aug/Sep 2013)
Not free while there are still urges in me.
At my age, others have already married, had kids, started companies, set on a stable career...
Yes. And I have done neither of these.
So what does that make me?


(Written sometime in Aug/Sep 2013)
Do I expect to be rewarded because I look at the clouds?


Perception inherits existence.
Consciousness inherits choice.
(Aug 24, 2013)


Moonlight alone illumines my path
as I venture my way back home
just enough blue pale to make out the trail
but I trust it as I aimless roam.

Virtuous Idyll

Bathe in the waters of Peace, dry with the wind of Freedom, bask in the light of Truth.

Why write?

Why write? Well, I had things to say and no one to say them to, so I made pen, paper, and keyboard my friends.


In this world, there is nothing forever hidden. Everything exists, affects, sprouts, influences, creates, expands. Every single molecule is. Every single person is. And we do our best. What else? If it weren't our best, we wouldn't choose it.
~Oct 16, 2011


Food slows thought
Milk dulls the mind


People hang on to others desperately, they communicate with them, seek them out, attempting to find in them some comparison, some approval, some judgement, some reference, because often they are scared to give these to themselves. Or have simply entirely forgotten. Likely both.
So much energy wasted socially. Trying to impress, to stand out, to be noticed.


Too often do religious-claimed people measure success of their prayer through material effects.


Fall 2011 or ~Jan'12

Al pasar

Disfruto la vida al pasar
O quiero disfrutarla y me lo imagino?
O alterno entre ambas?

Praise of the Self

Our bodies are such subtle actors
Our minds, unharnessed crafters of the abstract
Our hearts, engines that turn emotions into willpower
And other parts of us, that I don't know to describe, sublime and miraculous, like currents of air throughout it all whose nature is to keep balance between the parts.


Is breadth-first search appropriate for real-time decision making?

That lantern in the sky

That lantern in the sky
Kindles the whole of our lives
I delight in its twilight oblique rays that
Produce that colored light show in the sky.

Every day
And every night
At twilight


In the lapse of a day or so,
white has outside replaced green.
I knew not that Sky was so keen
on shedding its newly acquired snow.

Spring Birds

Today birds are chatting like excited schoolgirls, in the seeming apex of Spring.


I think often people set too high a coefficient on their financial regularizer term.
(Written sometime in Fall 2012)


Money is the de facto outsourcing tool.


Statistics rarely makes me think of sex, and then I calculate standard deviations in MATLAB.