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Delicate power

I have been listening to Fabrizio Paterlini's piano compositions for over a week now, and I am infatuated with them. They are amazing. I'm listening to this one now:
but if you like that one, you should SO do a deep search of all his music. And buy it from his site. And tell him how great it is. Because it's GREAT. I just did. I told him his music was so "delicately powerful". I liked this description. In fact, I liked it so much, that I wrote a blog post about it. Voilà.


Considering our own ephemerality. Life begins, then it ends. What make us different from the housefly? From the flower? The running piece of code? The conversation? The raindrop? The sporadic gust of wind? The heartbeat?


We people, our feelings, are like strings. Outside forces pluck us one way or the other, but regardless of what direction we are plucked towards, we'll oscillate a bit and eventually find a way to reestabilize.Good for you, Andrea :)


You know all of those phrases on facebook that are either puns or ironic plays on meaning to make you think about something? I can think of ways of describing these:
Paradoxical tautologyOxymoronic truth Ironic fact
I don't know. Something like that. I gotta go take a cool shower. Bye.


I am the gentle rebel.
The polite rebel. The silent rebel. Who jaywalks. Who won't put on his seatbelt.
Who stares into your eyes only slightly more than you expect.

Semi-used clothing storage

Where do you store clothes that you used during the day but you still want to use tomorrow? Like those jeans you really like, or that shirt you used only for a few hours. I've been using the carpet, and sometimes the chair, but I wondered if anyone had found a neater or more standard place to store multi-day clothing. It would be especially useful for when you change your mind your next day and decide to put on clean clothes, but then you might accumulate two sets of lightly used clothes that you might want to use again. You don't want to fold them and put them back with the clean piles, and it's becoming a little pile on its own. What to do? What to do...


Property motivates hoarding, which motivates selfishness, which motivates greed, which motivates a race to accumulate the most. Why? Have your stuff, but fucking share.


Like a drop of water flowing down the river, a lone person yields to the massive currents around him, and flows along with them. But then, would you rather see yourself as a helpless slave of the current, or as part of the force that creates the current, at every moment?

Further Miscellany

Alcohol injects randomness into our lives. That's how it manages to get out of our routinary lives, out of our comfort zone, and makes us try out new things, because situations suddenly begin to be different from the ones we're used to. Also, our senses are not as keen as usually. So we gotta act in whatever way we can.

Sept 21, 2011 08:09 PM
I don't want to be me any more. I want to be what I want. I WANT TO CHANGE
Sept 19, 2011 05:30 PM
Impossible to escape from consciousness
Sept 28, 2011 01:02 PM
viviendo una vida llenando expectativas cumpliendo las metas que otros me trazan me esperan, me admiran, por ser tan capaz y yo que les creo, escondo mis deseos olvido mis gustos, y mi exaltación cortando paciente a mi corazón los pedazos que no caben en el pinche modelo que ya solo existe en mi jodida cabeza que no entiende que no es lo que no es, sino lo que es. que no vale lo que falta, sino lo que hay.
fuck you you told me i was good at math and i fucking idiot believed you in faith kept at…


What do you fuck do you gain with a clean record? A clean computer desktop, an organized room, a shiny coffee table? Self satisfaction. Indulgence of vanity or of knowing that you are clean and organized. What do you fuck do you get with that? What do you learn? Nothing, it is something you've already done. You don't learn by doing what you've done. Go fucking do something else.

Miscellany on Self

Sometimes I think my ideal of the person I want to be is unattainable, given my current state. I now also understand that that is fine. What I'm missing now is the belief. Knowledge does not imply belief. And it is upon belief that our feelings and our instinct operate.

Sept 16, 00:01
Sept 17, 16:33, on Craig St, near Lulu's and Ali Baba
rumiante de half baked ideas. las palabras lentas en la mente se estancan, seguras de no llegar acostumbradas a siempre llegar tarde
Sept 18, 22:38
fleeting arrows of words and image that vanish before i understand them
Sept 19, 16:17
El mundo no es lo que pensamos y si lo fuera, que jodido el mundo que otorga su esencia a los confundidos
El futuro no sera lo que pensamos y si lo fuera, que jodido el mundo sin sorpresas que ofrecer
Sept 20, 13:11
he vivido lo cotidiano hasta lo harto quiero ahora saber mas sin temer lo desconocido solo por ser diferente
cansado de lo comun busco con ansia buscar mas alla de lo que mis…


A large part of a person's growth consists in extending one's own representational space to understand more varied and more complex objects, concepts, and people. For what is observed is no more than what the senses can perceive, and no more than what the mind can represent...
What we understand is the world's projection onto the senses and mind.

Written Sept 12, 00:42, Fifth & Craig, SW corner.