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Alcohol injects randomness into our lives. That's how it manages to get out of our routinely lives, out of our comfort zone, and makes us try out new things, because situations suddenly begin to be different from the ones we're used to. Also, our senses are not as keen as usually. So we gotta act in whatever way we can.


The world is toooooo fucking NORMAL sometimes. Predictable, routinely, comfortable, stable. That's why unusual people are NEEDED. And that's why they sometimes work HARD to inject fucking randomness into this stagnant pool of human sludge. Optimizers know what I'm talking about... too stable a search leads to local fucking optimums.

Aún nos quedan cosas por hacer.

Unconfidence intervals

This happens much more often than I would expect it to. I hypothesize the current measurement and the interval predictions are obtained from different weather services. If it is not so, shame on your predictions' accuracies.

Pep Verse

But my friend, despair not
Hope you haven't forgot that solutions are not always obvious. So pack up your might, and remember, the fight helps success become all the more glorious


The moon glows in full circle
looks down on traffic down below
A bird platoon sweeps the horizon
gifting me a morning showMeanwhile I stare at the street
in anxious contemplation
the bus ain't here and my mind is clear
so I fake some inspirationThe bus is come, so now I wait
inside the warmer bus
My therapy thing begins in seven
so getting fast there would be a plusAnd now I'm here, and it's quite clear
that the front door is locked
So much for being here on time
I hope Chris han't forgotSo it turned out that Chris was in,
and I just had to buzz him.
He pushed and squeezed muscles and skin,
so no knots would be blocking.And now I'm almost back at home,
and I kinda need to pee.
Good thing I've still a lot of time
cause my classes start at three.


Wow. Am I really doing this?? My mom would be so proud.

UPDATE: No, the Oreos were not part of the meal. Plus, steamed onions are deliciously tender and tenderly delicious.

Small fall

The small ones also partake in the Fall.

Pretty color bars