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The moon glows in full circle
looks down on traffic down below
A bird platoon sweeps the horizon
gifting me a morning show

Meanwhile I stare at the street
in anxious contemplation
the bus ain't here and my mind is clear
so I fake some inspiration

The bus is come, so now I wait
inside the warmer bus
My therapy thing begins in seven
so getting fast there would be a plus

And now I'm here, and it's quite clear
that the front door is locked
So much for being here on time
I hope Chris han't forgot

So it turned out that Chris was in,
and I just had to buzz him.
He pushed and squeezed muscles and skin,
so no knots would be blocking.

And now I'm almost back at home,
and I kinda need to pee.
Good thing I've still a lot of time
cause my classes start at three.


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